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FROM WHENCE I CAME - Book by Alton Tabor

Buy and read my new Book FROM WHENCE I CAME by Alton Tabor, an autobiography of my IMPROBABLE life of 83 years. Starting in the Great Depression in the early 1930s as a destitute poor farm boy in Oklahoma with a dim future. Until WW11 came along with service in the US  Navy, which changed the IMPROBABILITY to a probability. After the war. congress iniated the G.I. Bill to help veterans re-enter civilian life. One of the provisions was college tuition for school of choice. I chose the University of Oklahoma for it's School of Drama  which propelled me to Hollywood in the early 1950s as an Actor (see under Alton Tabor) where I appeared in much Television and one Movie. Remember this was when  TV was the new phenomanon where people were staying home watching FREE TV in their own homes. It was killing the Movie business and causing dramatic reversal in fortune fo Movie makers of consequence,such as MGM, Paramount, 20th Centuary-Fox, Columbia, Republic, RKO and others. Movies would make a comback, but by independant producers shooting all over the world. Television would grow also to large sets and in color and sterophonic sound.  I would leave the Acting profession in 1960 for the wonderful world of business of thoroughbred  horse racing as an Owner/Breeder of race horses in USA and  England. As well as starting an Insurance business with Lloyds of London pertaining to insuring racing and breeding horses and nesessary coverage for Trainers and  Owners for the next 30 odd years. I sold this business in 1993 and retired. A very IMPROBABLE and unimagined life for this destitue farm boy From Whence I Came    BOOK is available ON-LINE and all Bookstores.


Alton Tabor